I’m an English Lutheran living on the outskirts of London. I can also be found on Twitter as @johnthelutheran.

Lutherans have been called “the first evangelicals”, and are the earliest of the various church traditions to come out of the 16th century reformation. The Lutheran tradition combines an “evangelical” belief in the cross of Christ and the word of God with a “catholic” belief in the effectiveness of the sacraments – baptism, absolution and the Lord’s Supper – as means by which God brings his gifts of forgiveness, life and salvation to us.

My background is in the Church of England, and for a number of years (after my return to faith from atheism in 1994) I identified myself with the “conservative evangelical” wing of that church. However, there was always a tension between that and my love (rooted in my childhood) of more “Anglo-Catholic” forms of worship and devotion. Becoming a Lutheran resolved that tension for me, and this has, ironically, given me a fresh love and appreciation for the Church of England in recent years.


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